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 Menu and Prices 


Espresso               £1.60

A single shot of coffee

Double Espresso  £2.00

A double shot of coffee often known as a Doppio

Macchiato              £1.80

A single shot of coffee stained with a little milk foam

Latte                       £2.40   Lrg 2.70

A shot of espresso with steamed milk with a little froth

Cappuccino           £2.40    Lrg 2.70

Espresso topped with foam and steamed milk, slightly stronger coffee flavour with fair trade chocolate sprinkles on top

Flat White               £2.20

Double shot of espresso with Latte milk served in a smaller cup for a deeper coffee flavour

Americano              £2.20

A simple black coffee. Made with hot water and & espresso served with or without milk

Mocha                     £2.50   Lrg 2.80

Our Mochas are made from creamy hot chocolate and a shot of espresso

Hot Chocolate         £2.70

You can choose from Milk, Dark, or White chocolate buttons or have a combination of all three

Syrups                     £0.30

Cinnamon ,Vanilla or Chocolate


Our Teas are supplied by the very best companies, ranging from Clipper, Yogi, and Qi

Tea                 £1.80

Decaf Tea      £1.80

Yogi Tea        £1.90   

(Ayurvedic herbal, spice and fruit infusion)

Herbal Tea     £1.90

Rooibos         £1.90

Milkshakes and smoothies  £2.50

Choose from mixed berry, tropical, strawberry or vanilla 

We can substitute any milk used in our drinks with Soya,  Rice milk, please ask when ordering.

Squash          £1.30

Made with Rocks organic concentrates

Whole Earth Cans £1.45

Luscombe Oraganic drinks £1.99


Freshly prepared sandwiches or wraps            £4.30  

Freshly prepared salads                                    £4.30     

Hot choice of the day                                         £4.95      

Our sandwiches, soups and salads change with the seasons please see our menu and specials boards for further details


Delicious mouth-watering home made cakes           £2.20

We offer a wide and varied selection of homemade cakes with 6 Gluten free, 7 Dairy free and 6 Vegan options avaliable.

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